Canon PowerShot S2 IS Frequently Asked Questions

The Canon PowerShot S2 IS is Canon's replacement for the very successful Canon PowerShot S1 IS.

Key improvements for the S2 over the S1 include:

  • higher megapixels (5MP v 3.2MP);
  • 12x optical zoom (up from 10x);
  • 2.4fps continuous shooting (up from 1.7fps up to 24 frames on the S1).

Can the S2 IS take add on lenses?

Yes, the Canon S2 IS can use add-on lenses. A ring around the lens can be removed and then Canon wide, tele and macro bayonet fit adaptor lenses can be added.

What storage media does the S2 IS use?

The S2 IS uses secure digital (SD) cards unlike its predecessor the S1 which used compact flash type I cards. It only has one media slot.

What is the continuous shooting speed of the S2 IS?

The S2 IS can shoot at 2.4 frames per second (fps) until the SD card is full using its high-speed continuous shooting mode. The S2 IS can also shoot at about 1.5fps using its normal continuous shooting mode.

Does it have an optical or electronic viewfinder?

The Canon S2 IS features an electronic viewfinder with 115,000 pixels. This is about average for cameras with EVF's and not really sufficient resolution to use the viewfinder for accurate manual focus. Many other cameras feature 235,000 pixel EVF's ( eg [Fujifilm S7000]- ). The benchmark to date for EVF resolution was the Minolta A1 which featured a 1MP EVF.

How big is the LCD display on the S2 IS?

The rear mounted LCD is nothing special at 1.8" and only 115,000 pixels.

What batteries does the S2 IS use?

Thankfully, Canon have chosen to use 4 x AA batteries to power this camera rather than some proprietary and expensive system. However, alkaline batteries will not power the camera for long. High capacity NiMH batteries are the way to go.

Is there a movie mode?

The movie mode on the S2 IS is great, featuring 640x480 resolution at 30 fps. Thanks to the silent ultrasonic motor used in the lens for zooming, the S2 IS can also zoom optically during recording.

How can I fix the E18 error?

Many Canon cameras with retracting / extending lenses may encounter the "E18 error" which is basically an error message that the camera produces when it can't extend or retract the lens when you power up/off the camera.

The E18 error indicates that the camera has entered a failsafe type mode to prevent further damage to the lens mechanism.

For example. if you turn the camera on in a snug fitting camera bag which may stop the lens from fully extending you will get the E18 error.

You may be able to fix the lens problem that causes the E18 error (at your own risk) by gently moving the lens back into alignment if it seems stuck or skewed in a particular position. Some users have also reported that rotating the lens slightly may fix the problem as well. However, you need to be careful not to make matters worse and these approaches will only work if the lens has simply popped out of alignment. If something is broken inside the lens or retracting mechanism then you will need to get that repaired by Canon.

When will the S2 IS be available?

The Canon S2 IS has been shipping since around July 2005.

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