Asus AT3IONT-1 Atom nVidia ION motherboard

Picture of retail box for Asus AT3IONT-1 Atom nVidia ION motherboard

What's in the package?

  • User guide;
  • quick start guide;
  • case back plate;
  • 2 x sata cables;


Motherboard will not boot using a normal ATX power supply with 20pin connector - it is essential that you use an ATX12V 2.0 power supply with 24pin connector.

However, the power requirements of the board are so low that if you are putting it into a case with an older ATX power supply you can simply use a 20pin to 24pin converter cable to get things working.

Operating systems

The following operating systems installed without problems:

  • Linux Mint 9 (Isadora);
  • Linux Mint 10 (Juliet) 32 bit edition;
  • Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit edition;

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