Camelbak Omega Deluxe Reservoir with Flow Meter

Picture of Camelbak Omega Deluxe Reservoir with Flow Meter

This is the 3.0L / 100oz version that comes with the flow meter in the drinking tube. In the past I have used the Nalgene bladders. They are made out of a non-stretch type of clear plastic and straight from the factory do not impart any discernable taste to the water. Disappointingly, the Camelbak Omega Deluxe Reservoir gives the water a fairly strong "plasticy" taste that's pretty sort of unpleasant.

The recommended official Camelbak solution to the taste problem is to mix half a cup of sugar with a full bladder of water and let that soak overnight. If that doesn't work, Camelbak recommend a lime juice and water soak using a quarter cup of lime juice and a full bladder of water.

I'm going to give the sugar solution soak a test first.

For the weight weenies out there, the flow meter and uncut standard length tube weighs 71g. The detachable meter/computer unit itself weighs 19g.

Picture of Camelbak Omega Deluxe Reservoir Flow Meter on scale at 71g

Here's the flow meter by itself:

Camelbak Omega Flow Meter on scale at 19g


After using the bladder and flow meter for some time I have come to the conclusion that the flow meter is joke and a waste of time. For the flow meter to have any degree of accuracy you need to really suck the water through it, but I can't for the life of me do that when riding hard. Sipping from the bladder will mean that the flow meter does not tick over. This is worse than no flow meter at all because you are lulled into thinking you have more water left than you do.

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