Low pressure tyre gauge options

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Straight steerer 1 1/8 fork options

new MTB frames now almost exclusively have a tapered headtube and take a fork with a tapered steerer;

Schwalbe Moe Joe Tyres

There are very few lightweight tyres available for 24" rims. One of the best out of that very limited selection is the Schwalbe Moe Joe. It is a light tyre at around 420g for the 24 x 1....

Mountain King Tyre

These are the original Continental Mountain King tyres.  Continental have subsequently replaced them with a more aggressive version the Mountain King II.

Mountain King II Tyre

Weighs 610g for the Racesport 2.4" version;

OKO Tyre Sealant

In the never ending quest to find a tyre sealant better than Stans or Joes, I ordered in a bottle of OKO Quad & ATV Puncture Free Sealant.

Rockshox SID 15mm lowers

15mm maxle lite lowers