Adding v-brake bosses to rear triangle of Anthem X3

Here's the process:

  • machine custom v-brake bosses out of aluminium that closely match the teardrop cross section of the rear triangle's stays;
  • remove paint from frame and roughen surface;
  • bond v-brake bosses to frame;
  • wrap bosses and frame with a light layer of fibreglass - this is to provide electrical insulation between the carbon fibre and the aluminium frame. Failure to do so can result in galvanic corrosion (ie. you're now riding a battery and not a bike);
  • apply epoxy and start laying up the carbon fibre tape, cris-crossing and interweaving for maximum strength;
  • apply shrink wrap tape and heat to shrink - this will force the epoxy out from between the carbon fibres and result in a much stronger and lighter part;

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