Shimano XT Shadow+ rear derailleur with short cage

Shimano Shadow+ rear derailleur fitted with Zee short cage

There are various iterations of the Shimano XT 10 speed rear derailleur .  However, none are available with a short cage like what the Zee rear derailleur has.

Luckily, its possible to swap the Zee short cage directly over to a Shimano XT Shadow+.  Cage mounting, spring and clutch mechanisms look identical. Weight is 248g (saving around 22g over the Zee rear derailleur.

Shimano Shadow+ rear derailleur fitted with Zee short cage on scale at 248g

Why short cage?

Short cage is all you need for a 1x drivetrain on an 11-36t (or even 11-40t) rear cluster.  What are the benefits:

  • slightly shorter chain;
  • short cage less likely to get damaged.

How its done

Cage swap is fairly straight-forward:

  • remove inner plate by unscrewing jockey wheel bolts - if you've got genuine Shimano jockey wheels, take note of which one goes on the top and which in the bottom (supposedly they are different);
  • remove clutch mechanism cover by unscrewing the three small allen head bolts that hold it on - make sure you don't damage the seal;
  • insert a 4mm allen key into the center of the clutch mechanism and unscrew the outer cage.

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