SRAM X.7 rear derailleur

This derailleur was severely mangled, but I thought I'd try to fix it as a spare for one of the members of our 24 hour team.

A badly bent derailleur cage, provided it isn't actually cracked, is no big deal to fix. I normally use a method I described here to get them back to new. This X.7 derailleur is, however, something different.

After straightening the outer plate of the derailleur I tried to reassemble it. The inner plate is made from plastic and unfortunately has stretched so that the cage holes no longer line up. A possible fix is to chuck the plastic cage in the freezer and see if it will shrink back to its pre-stretched size.


After having the plastic cage in the freezer for the week I can report that it has not shrunk. To get this derailleur working again will require a new cage plate (either bought or DIY). Bummer.

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