Panasonic DMC-LX7

Essential additions

I bought this camera to be my go-anywhere camera so it needed a few additions:

Auto lens cap

The stock lens cap needs to be manually removed and then replaced each time the camera is turned on or off. This makes turning the camera on a two-handed job. This simple auto lens cap allows the lens to extend or retract. It doesn't offer the same protection as the regular lens cap, so it needs to be combined with some other front of lens protection.

To add the lens cap, you need to remove the accessory mount ring that goes around the outside of the fixed part of the lens (not the ring at the end of the extending part of the lens). Its best to sit the camera LCD screen down on some sort of flat surface protected with something soft. It will require a firm twist anti-clockwise to release the accessory mount ring.

ACMAXX Multi-Coated lens armour UV filter

This is where the ACMAXX UV filter comes into its own. It sticks on the front of the lens and protects the entire front surface of the lens. It seems well made, matches the dimensions of the lens nicely and has made no noticeable difference in image quality. Note, the camera in no way requires a UV filter, I'm using it exclusively to protect the front of lens.

FOTGA LCD Hard Optical Glass Screen Protector

This is another well made item and great addition to the camera. It matches the dimensions of the rear LCD perfectly, and once installed looks like the camera came that way from the factory. It seems quite robust and scratch resistant so should not need frequent replacement. Being a glass laminate construction, it should also provide some impact resistance/protection that the typical plastic film scratch protectors do not.

Future additions

Handy tips

Review mode

To turn the camera on without the lens extending, hold the play button in while turning the camera on.

Timelapse movie

Amazingly, the camera has a timelapse movie function but it is hidden away within the Creative Control "Miniature Effect". If you record movies using this Creative Control the camera will produce a timelapse. Speed up is about 10x.


The camera is often available in the low $300s which is incredible value for something of this quality.

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