Beer can stoves

Just a collection of links to some interesting designs:

Alcohol stove made from cans

Built myself a open design version. Just did some testing. To get 500ml of tap water to a rolling boil:

  • 8 minutes and used 12g of metho with the pot sitting on top of the stove;
  • heat shield and pot stand took 5 minutes and used 17g of metho.
  • heat shield and pot stand in highest setting: 5 minutes and used 18g of metho.
  • heat shield but pot resting on top of stove: 6 minutes, 18 metho.

I'd really be interested to try this design with some larger diameter cans - that would result in a better pot support.


I managed to find some larger cans to make a version of the open design from.  The Rockstar 710ml energy drink cans are about 70mm in diameter and so work better as a pot holder.

Open design

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Wood stoves

This is a quick list of wood stove options I've come across:

eXotic scandium handlebar

580mm wide;

Air can volume and shock tuning

The principle

American Classic disc front hub

This is the older style American Classic disc front hub.  It comes with 9mm QR end caps and uses 15267 bearings (26mm x 15mm x 7mm).  It is not convertible to 15mm using the Read more »

KCNC Scandium Ti Pro Lite Seatpost

Cannondale Hollowgram axle weights

ModelLength (mm)
Weight (g)
SiSL A3148
Si A3009-137L-E19