Manitou Mattoc

Manitou Mattoc front fork

This is the Pro version with:

  • Dorado Airspring;
  • Hexlock SL axle;
  • Hydraulic bottom out adjust (HBO);
  • High speed and low speed compression adjustment;
  • Rebound adjustment.

The version I have weighs 1911g for the 160mm travel, 27.5"/650B wheel version with 195mm long steerer and non-boost.

Manitou have a setup guide on their website - setup guide.

Out of the box, this fork feels better than the Pike it replaced.  I can't tell any difference in stiffness but is much less harsh than the Pike on high speed hits.


I'll be looking at changing the rebound shim stack.  At the moment I've got the rebound adjuster fully open and I still find the rebound is a bit slow.  Ideally, speeding up the rebound shim stack will give me the ability to close off the rebound free bleed with the adjuster.  This will give a better range of adjustment and improve rebound performance as the shims will control more of the rebound oil flow rather than the free bleed.

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