SIDI MTB Eagle 5 Pro Shoes

SIDI MTB Eagle 5 Pro Shoes

What do they weigh?

  • 815g in size euro 46 (US 11.5)

What's so good about them?

  • lightweight;
  • comfortable fit even if you have wide feet (contrary to popular belief, you don't need narrow feet to find these shoes comfortable;
  • nice velcro retention system;
  • buckle ratchet allows you to loosen the buckle by one click at a time - very handy for tweaking comfort mid ride. To do so, simply pull up on the outer buckle lever (not the red lever).

Any negatives?

  • the sole is made of a fairly hard sort of plastic. Not as grippy as the vibram soles that brands like Shimano use on their shoes);
  • you have to make sure the plastic tongue is properly aligned when inserting it into the buckle. It's easy to get it jammed by inserting it in on an angle;
  • white is not an appropriate colour for something that will be worn daily in the mud and dirt - but white did have the great advantage of being half price of the other colours. Do not get white if you're concerning with how you shoes look.

Where do you get them?

I got my pair from my LBS on half price special, but Amazon have a pretty comprehensive selection of SIDI mtb shoes.

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