Art 3D forged 50mm stem

Art 3D forged 50mm stem

Quick facts:

  • 50mm stem length;
  • 31.8mm bar clamp with with four 5mm x 16mm allen head bolts to hold the faceplate;
  • weighs 132g;
  • steerer clamp system used two opposing 6mm x 20mm allen head bolts.


  • The bar interface on the stem looks good. There is a nice radius to the clamp area, so no sharp edges that might damage or unduly stress a carbon bar;

Bar clamp area close-up
  • The face plate is not as good. Its got some non-slip texture to it (which isn't a problem), but the edges are a little sharper than the stem. Some light filing will sort that out.

Art3D stem face plate close-up

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