Rockshox SID lowers

15mm maxle lite lowers

  • same across all 32mm SID's and 2011-onwards Rebas (although SID lowers will have the slightly ligher SID bushings that have holes in them;
  • weigh 518g without 15mm axle

15mm Rockshox SID lowers on scale at 518g
  • 15mm maxle light weighs 74g

9mm QR lowers

  • weigh 510g (8g lighter than 15mm versions)

Rockshox SID 9mm QR lowers on weighed at 510g

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Fork with 215mm steerer, starnut installed and v-brake bosses weighs 1318g.

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Rockshox SID Race 2001

Have just done a complete service of a SID XC 2001 that I got for my next kids bike project. I don't think this thing has ever had a service. The damper oil looked like this:

Rockshox SID 120mm RLT damper

Vital stats:

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What's it weigh?

Rockshox Quadra 5

The Rockshox Quadra 5 was an entry level fork around the 1995/96 timeframe.