Rockshox Quadra 5 - circa 1995/1996

Modified RockShox Quadra 5

The Rockshox Quadra 5 was an entry level fork around the 1995/96 timeframe.

The only adjustment available is preload, via plastic preload adjusters on the top of each leg.

Damping is handled by a single solid elastomer in each leg.

If exposed to water, or simply dirt for any length of time, the fork would become very sticky and require a generous amount of Judy butter or equivalent to get it moving properly. Not sure on the travel, possibly 63mm, probably less in the real world anyway - this was about as primitive a suspension fork as you could get.

The fork has a chromoly steerer and stanchions. The lowers are magnesium and the brace (which is missing from the picture above) also appears to be magnesium and identical to that used on the other Quadra forks (like the Quadra 10 and 21R) as well as the Mag 21.

Weight was around 1700g.

I actually used the brace from this fork to replace a cracked brace on a set of Mag 21's for a kids bike . I also used the elastomers (with mods) to suspend a 20" fork that I made from a Manitou Sport 16" fork .

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