Saving video files from flash player cache

HD movies no longer are cached in the Firefox cache, so about:cache will not list cached HD videos. Adobe have got a little tricker to try to prevent you from simply copying the files from the cache and renaming them.

However, all is not lost. The files are cached in the flash player, but are immediately 'deleted' so that they are not available outside of the flash player process. To find these files follow these steps:

  • ps ax | grep flash ---> this will give you the process number of the flash player. You will need this for the next command;
  • lsof -p {PID} ---> replace {PID} with the process number of the flash player - take special note of the '(deleted)' file which is large in size and note the FD number of that file. This will be the flash movie file;
  • cat /proc/{PID}/fd/{FD} > /home/user/yourvidfile.flv ---> here we use cat and pipe the file from within the process to our own copy in the home directory.

To losslessly convert the .flv to .mp4 so it'll play on a range of media players (like the built in player on LG tv's) use ffmpeg:

  • ffmpeg -i yourvidfile.flv -vcodec copy -acodec copy yourvidfile.mp4

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