MythTV with multiple USB Tuners

I'm running MythTV with 3 Leadtek Dongle Gold DVB-T USB tuners. Each tuner has an IR receiver which works as a USBHID (keyboard) device in x-windows.

To get the remote control to work properly with MythTV you need to use lirc and for full support of all the buttons on the remote you need a recent Linux kernel - .38 or later.

With multiple tuners, each time you press a button on the remote you get multiple key-presses coming through to MythTV. This is because MythTV is getting the keypress through lircd and also the keypress through X-windows via each dongle. One button press on the remote results in up to 4 keypresses being received by MythTV.

The solution is to disable the keyboard handling within X-windows from the IR-receivers on the tuner dongles. You don't need this keyboard support in X-windows because MythTV gets its keypresses from lircd.

To disable the x-windows keyboard drivers for the USBHID tuner IR-receivers you need to add a config file to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d. Call it something like 90-dongle-gold.conf and give it the following contents:

    Section "InputClass"
      Identifier "Ignore Dongle Gold IR Keyboard"
      MatchProduct "IR-receiver inside an USB DVB receiver"
      MatchIsKeyboard "true"
      Option "Ignore" "true"

If you're using different tuners then you will need to change the MatchProduct string to something that matches the name of your tuner IR receiver. To find the name, use the 'input.product' string for your tuner that you get when you type the lshal command. You may need to grep for it, like 'lshal | grep IR' or something like that.

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