Shimano XTR M952

These are the cranks that took Shimano away from square taper cranks and into spline interfaces.  However, the spline interface was short and as a consequence not particularly robust.  Shimano's next versions of their MTB splined interface cranks used about the twice the contact area.  The cranks also used a proprietary BCD for the chain rings. Shimano has a habit of doing this with its XTR cranks, but thankfully, the M952 cranks have a removable spider.  Use the spider from a set of XT or LX cranks to convert to 104/64mm BCD.  Middleburn also make a replacement spider.

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XTR front skewer

Just in case anyone is interested, an XTR front skewer from a M960XTR front hub weighs 56g.

Shimano XTR M975 Skewers


Shimano XTR v-brakes

The Shimano M950/952 v-brakes were some of the best. Weighing about 180g a pair, they featured a parallel push linkage that made set-up and alignment of these brakes child's play.

Shimano XT 165mm crankset

Quick facts:

Shimano XT v-brakes

Almost as good as the XTR M952 v-brakes, but once the linkage developed wear (even on these M750 versions with the reinforced linkage plates) the pads would flop around. 190g.

Shimano SP41 shift outer

This is my go-to shift cable housing. The SP41/XTR housing weighs 38g a metre, can be bought in bulk ( 10m and larger rolls ), comes pre-lubed with the Shimano special silicon grease and ...