Banshee Spitfire

2016 Banshee Spitfire Large Frame in Yellow / Blue colourway/scheme

Here are the geometry details for the 2016 frames:

26" dropouts

Dropout positionHead angle (deg)Seat angle (deg)Top Tube (mm)Reach (mm)Chain stay length (mm)Wheel base (mm)BB Height (mm)

27.5" dropouts

Dropout positionHead angle (deg)Seat angle (deg)Top Tube (mm)Reach (mm)Chain stay length (mm)Wheel base (mm)BB Height (mm)

Shock size

The Banshee Spitfire takes a 200 x 56mm shock (7.875x2.25").  Note: some manufacturers will list their 7.875x2.25" shocks as 200 x 57mm.  These are the same thing and will also work.

Banshee Spitfire in Yellow/Blue colourway

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