Trance X 29er frame

Giant Trance X 29er frame

I bought this frame new from a Giant dealer with warranty.

Quick facts

  • weight: the frame weighs 2598g without shock but with all mounting hardware, bolts and headset cups.  That is fairly light for a 5" travel aluminium 29er frame;


The geometry figures on this frame aren't too bad but differ a little from the latest batch of long, low and slack 29ers.  Here's some geometry numbers and comparison with some other frames:

FrameHead angleSeat angleTop TubeReachHead tubeChain stayWheel baseStandover heightBB Height
Trance X 29er69.5736124321044521140691335
Scott Spark 90067.273.86354601054381182760327
Anthem X 26er71736144301454241100815320
Anthem X 29er71.5736154301044621126805
New Anthem 29er6973.56304541054381154796
Trance X 29er (with -2deg angleset)

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