Lezyne M-Caddy Saddlebag

The good:

  • slim bag that fits securely to seat post and saddle rails;
  • waterproof main compartment/zipper;
  • internal dividers/pockets to keep things separate and in place when opening the bag.

The bad:

  • multitool pocket at bottom of bag is not waterproof. This means any time you ride in the rain, the rear wheel will make sure that your multitool gets soaked. If you're tool isn't stainless steel, then make sure you remove it and give it a coat of WD40 or the like after each wet ride.

What fits?

Pictured below is what I normally take for trail-side repairs:

  • 2 x park TB-2 tyre boots;
  • spare tube;
  • puncture repair kit;
  • Leatherman Kick multitool;
  • Lezyne V10 multitool;
  • spoke wrench;
  • spare derailleur hanger;
  • lighter - which can be a life saver if you breakdown and the temp is dropping into negative digits.

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