Randall MTS Modern module

Randal MTS Modern module

Apparently the Modern is higher gain version of the Top Boost module.


I really like the following combo in the Modern module:

  • V1 - Mullard CV4004 re-issue - high gain, but also quiet and warm in this module.  Results in some surprisingly good clean with grit tones with the gain turned right down;
  • V2 - JJ ECC83-S.


Although this is a high gain module, by far and away my favourite sound through this module is by splitting the bridge humbucker on my Ibanez and sending it through the Modern with the gain at about 9 o'clock, bright switch enabled, bass rolled off a little, mids a bit boosted and treble at around 2 o'clock.  Produces a full clean sound with light picking but gets nicely gritty and twangy with heavier picking.  Very nice gritty blues tone.

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