MIDI Sysex

MIDI sysex is a variable length messaging protocol that allows manufacturers to define their own message formats.

All sysex messages are:

  • ascii byte encoded (and usually represented in hexadecimal);
  • begin with a start byte of F0 hex; and
  • end with an end byte of F7 hex.

Here's an example applicable to the Behringer X-Air products:

  • F0 --> beginning byte;
  • 00 20 32 --> Behringer Manufacturer ID
  • 32 --> Model ID
  • 2F 66 78 2F 31 2F 70 61 72 2F 30 31 20 --> sysex command, in this case '/fx/1/par/01'
  • 32 38 --> value for command, in this case the number '28'
  • F7 --> end byte.

Taken all together the sysex string would be:

  • F0 00 20 32 32 2F 66 78 2F 31 2F 70 61 72 2F 30 31 20 32 38 F7

X-Air OSC tools

Some great tools have been written for exploring the Behringer X-Air mixers' OSC/Sysex control capabilities:

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