Opteron Socket F - 1207 pin processors

Socket F Opterons will utilised DDR2 RAM at 400, 533, 667 and possible 800Mhz.

The Socket F Opterons are built using a 90nm partially depleted silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process.

Both single and dual core parts are anticipated.

Dual core parts are expected to debut at 2.6GHz, using a 1.35Vcore and drawing 95W.

To maximise power efficiency, AMD engineers have utilised three types of transistor in the Opteron design:

  • high Vt transistors (90%);
  • regular Vt transistors (9%); and
  • low Vt transistors (1%).

Low Vt transistors provide high speed at the cost of high voltage leakage. This voltage leakage results in increased power consumption, so its understandable that their numbers are strictly rationed. Low Vt transistors are only used in the design where their high speed is required.

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