Extralite Hyper JF

Extralite Hyper JF hub in 32h with 15mm through axle

The Hyper JF is a version of the Extralite Hyperhubs tech but for J-bend spokes.  Extralite are an Italian firm well known among weight weenies for their super lightweight CNC machined goodies and these hubs are no exception.

Quick facts

  • weight: 86g with Enduro stainless bearings for 32h 15mm through axle version (84g claimed);
  • uses 2 x 6803 bearings (17 x 26 x 5mm), but its possible to use a 6903 on the disc side for heavy duty use;
  • if lacing spokes radially on the drive side, then lace them heads out.

Wheel build

I used this hub in a 26" Crest MK3 wheel build with DT Swiss Revolution spokes.  The spokes I used were 254mm laced radially on the drive side (right) and 260mm on the disc side laced 3x.

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