Novatec 712 rear hub

Quick facts:

  • Uses 15mm aluminium axle;
  • uses 4 x 6902 bearings  (15mm x 28mm x 7mm);
  • weighs 268g in QR 135mm config.

Weight and strength tuning

Not often its possible to loose weight and gain strength.  Here's how:

4 x 6902 bearings @ 62g
4 x 17286 bearings @ 48g
Stock aluminium axle  @ 54g
Tune 17mm axle  @ 36g

17mm ID bearing spacer for hub shell and freehub @ 14g

Total weight loss: 18g
Final weight: 250g

Wheel building dimensions (in mm)

WL, width from center to left flange34.6
WR, width from center to right flange22.6
dL, left flange diameter58.0
dR, right flange diameter51.0
S, spoke hole diameter2.5

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