20mm front hubs

I'm currently looking at some 20mm front hub options. I want this hub to be convertible between all of the available front wheel standards (QR, 15mm and 20mm).

Here are the options currently on the table:

Hope pro2 Evo

  • Pros: Hope Pro2 Evo ticks alot of the right boxes. Its light (for a 20mm hub) at 173g in 20mm thru config, easily convertible with readily available replacement end caps; available in a range of cool colours;
  • Cons: more expensive than Novatec 4 in 1;

Novatec 881 4 in 1

Kore Durox Disc Hub

  • Pros: cheaper than Hope when on sale; similar weight at 175g (claimed);
  • Cons: unknown parts availability; probably some Chinese made rebranded hub; only available in red and black;


I ended up getting the Novatec 4-in-1 hubs due to the low price and flexibility in design.

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