Across nineteen boost rear hub

Across nineteen boost rear hub

German made goodness from Acros.  There are three things that attracted me to this hub:

  • light weight (234g);
  • large bearings on a 19mm axle;
  • reliable star ratchet engagement mechanism, similar to DT Swiss 240 / 350 hubs.

Across nineteen boost rear hub weighs 234g

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Tune King Front Hub

A nicely made front hub from the Black Forest. Not super light at 115g but a really solid hub for the weight. Uses a 17mm axle and 6803 bearings. Machining and finish is immaculate.

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These hubs are strong, well designed and great value for money, but there is surprisingly little information ...

Rotor Rvolver Boost Front Hub

Rotor Rvolver boost front hub weighs 110g.

WTB Super Duty Front Hub

Vital specs: