WTB Super Duty Front Hub

Vital specs:

  • 20mm axle, 110mm spacing;
  • weighs 272g;
  • uses two 6904-2RS bearings 20x30x9mm.

6904-2RS bearing for WTB Super Duty front hub

Note: I got an email saying that the bearings are 6804 and not 6904. I can 100% confirm that the bearings in my version of the Super Duty are 6904 with dimensions 20x37x9mm. It is possible that there are other versions of this hub that use the 6804 (20x32x7mm), so if you're replacing your Super Duty bearings, press the old ones out and measure them before ordering.

Weight breakdown:

Hub shell134g
Internal bearing spacer40g
2 x 6904 bearings68g
3 x end caps/spacers30g

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