Novatec 711 front hub

Novatec 711 front hub

These hubs are strong, well designed and great value for money, but there is surprisingly little information available.


  • hub uses 6902 bearings with dimensions 28mm x 15mm x 7mm


  • 88mm wide (without end caps);
  • 62mm between bearing race shoulders;
  • bearing outside width is 62mm + 7mm + 7mm = 76mm;

Hub body:

  • 27.5mm outside diameter;
  • 23.3mm inside diamter;
  • hub body wall thickness in center section: 2.15mm

Conversion to 15mm thru

Two options:

Option 1 (standard, off the shelf parts):

  • remove standard axle;
  • get XD711SB 'axle' - its actually a bearing spacer that fits between the bearings;
  • get XD711SB 15mm end caps

Option 2 (some machining required):

  • remove standard axle;
  • remove standard bearings and replace with 17287 bearings (these have 17mm ID instead of standard 6902 15mm ID;
  • make end cap shields 1.5mm thick, 28mm diameter;
  • fit American Classic 15mm thru axle conversion

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Novatec 712 rear hub


Novatec 712 rear hub

Quick facts:

Tune King Front Hub

A nicely made front hub from the Black Forest. Not super light at 115g but a really solid hub for the weight. Uses a 17mm axle and 6803 bearings. Machining and finish is immaculate.

20mm front hubs

I'm currently looking at some 20mm front hub options. I want this hub to be convertible between all of the available front wheel standards (QR, 15mm and 20mm).