Tune Kong Rear Disc Hub

For 2011 the Tune Kong rear disc hub has dropped some weight - claimed weight is 205g, mine weighed 212g:

Tune Kong hub weight 212g

Seems like a really well made hub, the finish is great, anodising looks good too.

The spoke holes are small, probably 2mm rather than the usual 2.5mm and the flanges are quite wide so the spokes need a fair amount of man handling to get the elbows through the holes and aligned.

Freewheel ratchet is fairly loud but not offensive.

Tune Kong Rear Hub

Technical data


  • 3 x 61803-2RS (17mm x 26mm x 5mm)
  • 1 x 61903 (17mm x 30mm x 7mm)

Note: Tune claims that their bearings are specially made for them with a higher amount of internal grease.

Update: 2016 - Freehub failure

After around 15,000km the freehub has cracked.

Cracked Tune Kong freehub

Here's another view of the crack which runs along the freehub:

Cracked Tune Kong freehub

The replacement freehub was expensive (>$100 without bearings or pawls) but looks to the lighter SL version (27g).

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