Novatec 881/882 hubs

Novatec 881/882 hubs

Hub dimensions

Front hub 881

WL, width from center to left flange24.9
WR, width from center to right flange35.5
dL, left flange diameter58.0
dR, right flange diameter48.0
S, spoke hole diameter2.5

Rear hub 882

WL, width from center to left flange36.2
WR, width from center to right flange22.2
dL, left flange diameter58.0
dR, right flange diameter54.0
S, spoke hole diameter2.5


The Novatec 4-in-1 hubs are extremely configurable.

Front hub

Comes with the following end caps:

  • 20mm end caps for 20mm x 110mm config;
  • 15mm end caps for 15mm x 100mm config;
  • 9mm thru axle end caps for use with 9mm QR thru axle;
  • 9mm QR end caps for use with ordinary 5mm QR skewer.

Rear hub

This comes with:

  • 135mm QR axle;
  • 135mm 10mm QR thru axle;
  • 135mm 12mm thru axle;
  • 142mm 12mm thru axle.


Hub features a 27 point ratchet, with 3 pawls that engage simultaneously. So 27 POE.

Novatect 27 POE hub

Freehub with 3 sets of pawls that engage simultaneously:

Novatec freehub showing 3 sets of pawls

Hub weights

Weight varies with axle/end cap config and whether you have an alloy or steel freehub body. Here are all of the component weights so you can work out what your particular combo may weight or what the impact on changing out various components might be.

Rear hub

ComponentWeight (g)
Body (no axle, no freehub)165
Alu freehub83
Steel freehub152
5mm QR alu axle54
5mm QR steel axle86
10mm QR steel thru axle 135mm wide117
12mm thru axle 135mm wide81
12mm thru axle 142mm wide83

Lightest configuration is body + alu freehub + 5mm QR alu axle = 165g + 83g + 54g = 302g.

Standard configuration is body + steel freehub + 5mm QR steel axle = 403g.

The biggest bang-for-buck weight reduction on this hub is replacing the steel freehub with the alu freehub. This results in a 69g weight savings.


Front hub

  • 2 x 6804 bearings (20mm x 32mm x 7mm).

Rear hub

  • 2 x 6902 bearings in body and 2 x 6902 bearings in the freehub (15mm x 28mm x 7mm).

Parts compatibility / interchangeability

882 rear hub is essentially the same as the much lighter 712 rear hubs (and probably a bunch of other Novatec rear hubs). The key differences are the steel axle and steel freehub.

The freehub is the Novatec B/B1 type, which means you can use any of the B/B1 freehubs including the steel, aluminium or ABG (anti-bit guard) versions, as well as shimano, campy and XX1 versions. Note: the only difference between the B and B1 type freehubs is the inner diameter of the axle end cap seal. If the new seal is the wrong size, just re-use the one from your existing freehub.

Where to buy?

Check out Novatec hubs on Amazon for some good deals on these hubs. They are incredible value for money.

Options: end caps and axles

Novatec 881/882 end caps and axle options

Rear axles

135mm 5mm QR:

135mm steel axle with 5mm QR end caps

Alloy 135mm 5mm QR:

Aluminium 135mm 5mm QR axle

135mm 10mm QR:

135mm 12mm thru-axle:

135mm steel axle for 12mm thru-axle

142mm 12mm thru-axle:

142mm steel axle for 12mm thru-axle

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