Giant Anthem 0 (2007)

This is the first iteration of the Giant Anthem with the maestro linkage and gets 3.5" of suspension travel out of a 152mm x 32mm (6.0 x 1.25") shock. 

The bike originally came with a Fox F100 RLC fork with 100mm travel and a Fox RP23 rear shock.



The frame wasn't in great cosmetic condition but I didn't want to give it a complete respray.  What I did want to do was to personalise it for my wife and at the same time redo most of the bad paint.  The colour of choice was a really bright lime green.  Here's what I did:

  • linkages, seat clamp and headset top cap sand blasted, primed and painted green;
  •  damaged/chipped parts of the frame masked off, sanded, primed, sprayed in sandable primer, sanded and painted green.


  • shock replaced with Monarch XX with hydraulic lockout.  The shock I had was a 165mm x 38mm shock.  The Anthem takes a 152 x 32mm shock.  I was able to shorten the XX monarch with an internal travel reduction spacer inside the damper.  It is now a 158 x 31mm shock.
  • two sets of offset bushes used in the shock resulting in 6mm total length reduction which pretty much offsets the 6mm longer shock;
  • the lower link is from an Anthem X.  Using an Anthem X lower link gives slightly more suspension travel and drops the bottom bracket about 14mm.  This won't be a problem with pedal strikes as this frame will have 165mm cranks fitted;
  • lockout line routed through drilled out front derailleur bosses;

XX Monarch lockout cable routing on Anthem frame using drilled out front derailleur bosses

The finished product

Repainted Anthem frame with green highlights and Monarch XX rear shock

Through pure coincidence, the shock I had set aside for this frame had a green sticker on the aircan that almost perfectly matches the green paint I used for the frame.

Monarch XX shock fitted to Giant Anthem frame

Complete bike

Giant Anthem 0

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