Wood stoves

This is a quick list of wood stove options I've come across:

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Gear cables

Making your own gear cables will save you a lot of money and by stocking up on the items required you'll never be left with crappy shifting or having to run down the local bike store and pay through the ...

Lauf fork

This is the 29er version and has an axle-to-crown measurement of 485mm and a 48mm offset/rake.  Weight is an amazing 990g but travel is only 60mm.


This is a clever little camera tripod for small pocketable cameras. Its made of high grade plastic and aluminium and weighs 48g. The velcro strap allows you to strap it to trees, poles etc. to make ...

Spoke Weights

Spoke Weights


Quick facts:

Short spokes

It's not easy to get spokes in the lengths that you need for kid's bike wheel builds, but there are a few options available: