Liberty Ridge Wind Pants

In the never ending process of reducing weight and maximising comfort, I decided to make myself a pair of wind pants. In the past I've used my Mont goretex pants (heavy but bombproof) or cheap nylon rain pants (lighter, but not breathable).

Thru-hiker sell these pants as a MYOG Kit. You can choose between M90 and M50 fabric (lighter but a little more expensive). I decided to go with the M90 fabric. They are described as "Easy to construct design suitable for first forays into apparel projects" and I would say construction is fairly straight-forward but the online instructions are a little lacking in detail.

It took a good couple of hours to make these pants, but the result is great:

  • large relaxed fit so easily worn over whatever other warm clothes you've got;
  • side zippers that go up to your knees so you can put on/off with your boots on;
  • water resistant and breathable;
  • an amazing 73g all up weight.

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