DIY lightweight stove wind shield

Lightweight aluminium heat shield for beer can stove

Here's something I quickly knocked up: a lightweight stove wind shield.

It's made from a roll of aluminium flashing bought cheap at the hardware/building supplies store.  It's normal purpose is as a damp course between brickwork.  The sheet is a thicker than the alum used in a baking tray but still lightweight.  I made the height so that it would fit inside the pot.  The ends are rolled over so they interlock when in use.  There are also about 18 holes made with a holepunch around the bottom to provide some air flow.

Shield packed in pot

When wrapped around the pot there is about a 1cm gap all round.

Pot being used with heat shield

In windy conditions this wind shield really helps to increase efficiency of the alcohol stove.  Alcohol stoves in wind use a lot more fuel than necessary and more of the heat being generated gets lost.

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