American Classic disc front hub

American Classic Disc 130 in lathe

This is the older style American Classic disc front hub.  It comes with 9mm QR end caps and uses 15267 bearings (26mm x 15mm x 7mm).  It is not convertible to 15mm using the American Classic 15mm conversion axle.

Even if you remove the 15267 bearings and replace with 6903 bearings (26mm x 17mm x 5mm) the bearing positions in the hub are too far apart to work with the American Classic 15mm conversion axle.

Conversion to 15mm

Like so many of these types of sealed bearing hub, most are convertible to 15mm with a bit of ingenuity.  Two approaches are possible:

  • utilise 15mm end caps; or
  • use a 17mm conversion axle.

It is highly unlikely that any off-the-shelf end caps or axles will work. Hubs from different manufacturers tend to differ ever so slightly in the their bearing locations.  For conversion of this hub to 15mm I chose to use a Tune 15mm conversion axle.  It has an outer diameter of 17mm and a distance between end caps of 79mm.  Also, the disc mounting tabs to end cap distance on the genuine Tune hub is 10.5mm.  If you are swapping between wheels, you want the position of the disc mounting tabs on all your wheels to be in the same place.  Getting this distance right will save considerable hassle when swapping wheels as you will not need to realign the brake caliper.

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