Ultralightweight Cooking System - Version 2 - Now lighter

Here's version 2 of my ultralightweight cooking system ( click here for the first iteration of the cooking system ). This time I'm using a Ti pot from Alpkit. It holds 1350ml of water and has a lid that will double as a frypan or plate. The removable Ti handle can be used with the pot or lid. A truly excellent piece of gear. 172g plus fuel. About 100g of fuel is enough to boil around 2-3 litres of water depending on how cold it is.

Ready to cook:

All packed away:

In its natural environment cooking dinner on a mountain summit:

Frying sausages on another mountain top:

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Ultralightweight Cooking System - Version 3

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Ultralightweight Cooking System

The cooking system comprises:

Ultralight carbon fibre chain guide - seatpost mount version

More complicated to make than the bottom bracket version. Once again, I've custom made this one for a specific frame/crank combo, although this one will work for 28-36t chainrings.

Saving weight with lighter spokes

There's two ways to go in terms of saving weight with spokes:

RST F1RST Air 24" versus 28mm Rockshox SID

Quick comparison:

Carbon-Ti lightweight 15mm thru-axle

Quick facts: