Ultralight fishing rod and reel for bushwalking and cycle touring

My ultralight setup for fishing when bushwalking or cycle touring uses the following:

Pfleuger Patriarch XT 9530X reel

Pfleuger Patriarch XT 9530X

The Pflueger Patriarch spinning reel weighs 187g and I have it spooled up with about 100m of 8lb Platypus Super 100 mono.

Berkley Nomadic NMs665-24 rod

This rod uses a graphite IM-6 blank, weighs a mere 114g and packs down to less than 35cm in length owing to its 6 piece design.  When assembled, it is 6' 6" long and is rated for 2-4kg line.

Total weight

Total weight of the setup is 301g.  This is an awesome lack of weight for a proper fishing setup capable of landing some decent sized fish.

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