Ultralight carbon fibre chain guide - seatpost mount version

Carbon fibre chain guide seat post mount

More complicated to make than the bottom bracket version. Once again, I've custom made this one for a specific frame/crank combo, although this one will work for 28-36t chainrings.

It's made up from 6 separate pieces of 2.5mm carbon fibre sheet and an aluminium clamp which I had (I think these are used to add bottle cage mounts) and held together with super glue (Loctite 404 rubber reinforced type).

Carbon fibre chain guide seat post mount - components

Total weight is 45g, so not super light like the BB version. Due to the chainline on this bicycle, the guide sits a fair way out from the seat tube, so I had to overbuild it a little to make sure it was strong enough. Even so, 45g for this type of guide is still as respectable weight.

Here's a few other views

On the bike:

Carbon fibre chain guide seat post mount - components

Another angle:

Carbon fibre chain guide seat post mount

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