AEST Disc Brakes

AEST front disc brake - 227g for lever, hose and caliper

These disc brakes are basically rebranded Hygia Usagi. They are very similar to the Hygia SLP brakes but the calipers are two piece bolted together, whereas the SLPs have monoblock calipers where the entire thing is machined out of the one piece of aluminium.

Power seems identical, but weight is slightly higher (about 10g) because of the two extra M6 bolts needed to hold the two halves of the caliper together on the AEST/Usagi brakes. My tuned SLP front brake weighs about 195g, whereas the stock AEST front brake with standard length hose weighs 227g.

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AEST CNC Disc Brakes

Front weighs 202g:

AEST Bar Ends

Nice CNC machining results in these bar ends weighing a scant 43g. The ends are aluminium and screw in, so no annoying plastic plugs to fall out.

AEST jockey wheels

about 9g each;

Shimano XT v-brakes

Almost as good as the XTR M952 v-brakes, but once the linkage developed wear (even on these M750 versions with the reinforced linkage plates) the pads would flop around. 190g.

Shimano XTR v-brakes

The Shimano M950/952 v-brakes were some of the best. Weighing about 180g a pair, they featured a parallel push linkage that made set-up and alignment of these brakes child's play.

Formula RX brakes

These are MY2012 versions and so feature the newer graphics as well as lever code numbers of FD532XX and caliper code numbers of FD520XX (last two digits denotes colour of master cylinder, caliper and/or annodized bore cap).