Avid HSX Rotor (160mm)

SRAM XX Brake Rotor 160mm

Quick facts:

  • weight: 98g;
  • mounting: 6-bolt;
  • rotor thickness: 1.9mm;
  • bolts: Ti
  • cheapest price I have been able to find with Ti bolts is $39.50 on Amazon - Avid HSX Heat Shedding Rotor, Black, 160mm.  This is a great price, by way of comparison, Wiggle was $78 and Chain Reaction Cycles wanted $60 per rotor;

I bought a couple of these to use in the wet. The more open chew through brake pads at a rapid rate when things get muddy.

The HSX rotor adds some weight (about 20g) but its well worth it for the increase in braking performance in the wet and the much reduced pad wear. Highly recommended for wet weather riding.

SRAM 2012 XX 160mm brake rotor

My original set lasted me a bit over a year of offroad riding in all conditions, including a lot of dust, rain and some mud. I've now replaced these with some new rotors, but these ones now have a black spider. I've also gone with a to reduce a little of the rear grabiness of my :

Avid HSX 140mm and 160mm rotor 6-bolt versions

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Avid HSX 140mm Rotor

Quick facts:

2012 HS1 Rotor

The braking surface design of these rotors is identical to the 2012 HSX rotors . The weight is very similar (98g each in 160mm) as well and quite consistent across the 4 rotors that I have.

KCNC Razor Disc Rotor

Seriously light weight disc rotor, but has a few features that set it apart from other lightweight rotors:

Hygia SLP Rotors

Vital stats:

Hope X2 floating brake rotor

Quick facts:

Avid/Hygia Bleed Kit

This is an Avid bleed kit - all of $15 off fleabay. The Hygia SLP (and possibly other Hygia brakes) use the same bleed port threads as the Avid brakes: