Jagwire Pro Disc Brake Pads

Jagwire Pro Disc Brake Pads for Magura MT series brakes

Quick facts:

  • semi-metallic pad compound;
  • aluminum backing;
  • weight: 15g;

The good

The Magura MT brakes use magnets in the pistons to hold the brake pads back and stop them from rubbing. These pads (although aluminium backed) must have a small amount of steel somewhere in the backing or in the pad material as there is a part right in the center of the pad that is attracted to a magnet. Accordingly, these pads work without needing springs on the Magura MT brakes.

The bad

These pads are only 5g lighter than the TruckerCo steel backed pads but are around 50% more expensive. Accordingly, based on weight savings alone, these pads are not really worth it. With only minor weight savings I am also concerned that the aluminum backing may result in more heat being transmitted to the pistons than with steel backed pads (thermal conductivity of aluminium is much greater than steel).

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