Brake fluid degassing

A proper brake bleed is all about ending up with no air in the system.  As a result, it's essential that whatever brake fluid you use is "degassed" before bleeding with it.  Here's the process:

  • about 2/3 fill your syringe;
  • block the syringe off;
  • pull on the plunger to reduce the pressure in the syringe - you'll see a crazy number of little bubbles form in the syringe;
  • release the plunger and the little bubbles will start to form up into bigger bubbles;
  • keep doing this until you're not getting any more bubbles forming.

Note: if your syringe isn't of great quality or you pull on the plunger too hard, you can get bubbles leaking past the plunger.  You'll be able to spot these, so just pay attention and back off on how hard you're pulling the plunger until air stops getting round.

If you need a bleed kit or fluid, the Amazon's got you covered.

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