KCNC Seat Post Clamp - Quick Release

KCNC seat post clamp in green

Quick facts:

  • amazingly low weight: 20g for 31.8mm size;
  • well made: brass bushing on clamp means excellent clamping force;

Brass bushing close-up
  • titanium bolt and tool-less adjustment;

Tool-less adjustment on KCNC clamp
  • extensive cnc machining including on the inside of the clamp for maximum weight reduction;

Internal machining of clamp
  • quality anodizing.

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Token ultra-light seatpost clamp

Weighs just 8g in 31.8mm size. Comes standard with Ti bolt so not really possible to tune it further.

Rockshox Reverb dropper seat post

This version features:

KCNC SC11 Seatpost "Screw Clamp"

eXotic carbon Ti seatpost

Carbon seatpost with alu reinforcing around the seatpost clamp, carbon cradle and Ti bolts.

Magicshine clone lights - XM-L

I've got a couple of these Magicshine clone lights. The both have an XM-L led emitter but the controllers are a little different.

Carbon no-name seatpost

31.6mm full carbon seatpost in 400mm length. Weighs 203g. Looks like a copy of the Ritchey carbon seatpost. Clamp would not be compatible with oval rails.