Syntace Duraflite Carbon Flat Bar

Vital stats

  • 600mm wide;
  • titanium mesh reinforcement at bar ends and in bar center;
  • compatible with bar ends;
  • weight: 143g.


To use these bars with bar-ends you need to use some end plugs to reinforce the bar. For the carbon Syntace bars you need the Barend Plug CRB.

Here's the problem - the hole in the end of the bars is not big enough to get the CRB plugs in. The plugs only go in a couple of mm and then get so tight that I'd be worried to force them in further as the bars may split!

The barend plugs have an outside diameter of 17mm, the inside of the Syntace Duraflite Carbon Bar is 16.5mm. That is far too much of a size discrepancy for these plugs to work.

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