Ritchey WCS ergo foam grips

Ricthey WCS foam grips

Quick facts:

  • nice feeling foam grips;
  • made from neoprene foam that seems more open cell than closed cell EVA type foam of other grips, so may absorb some water on wet rides, but I haven't tested this out yet;
  • grips are a nice and tight fit so don't rotate easily (unlike some foam grips), but I've used zip-ties to keep them on and stop dirt or water getting underneath them;
  • weigh 44g for the pair, so definitely not the lightest foam grips, but far from heavy.  Lighter than the ESI silicons but heavier than the XXF foam grips and my personal favourite, the now discontinued Titec Pork Rinds.
  • cheap: less than $10 off Amazon.

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