XFusion HiLo seatpost

XFusion HiLo dropper post

Quick facts for this version

  • 100mm drop;
  • 31.6mm diameter;
  • cable remote version;
  • post by itself weighs 569g.


The post came without any installation guide or user manual.  XFusion have an online video showing how to install it, but things are pretty straightforward:

  • start by installing the remote lever on your bars;
  • insert cable into remote lever;
  • use the provided cable elbow to route cable from back of lever to a direction along the bars;
  • route cable with suitable housing to the post;
  • screw adjuster into underside of post head;
  • use spring and inner plastic guide to route cable over the top of the post;
  • secure cable with grub screw in lever;
  • cut cable and neaten things up.

For this particular install I was able to use the internal routing on this frame for the front derailleur to get the dropper seatpost cable to the back of the top tube.  This resulted in a pretty neat setup. Even though the frame did not come with cable mounts for a dropper, the install was neat and tidy.

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