Carbon no-name seatpost

No-name 31.6mm carbon seatpost - Ritchey copy

31.6mm full carbon seatpost in 400mm length. Weighs 203g. Looks like a copy of the Ritchey carbon seatpost. Clamp would not be compatible with oval rails.

This seatpost has performed OK.  The clamp system is not the best and requires a lot of force to stop the seat from unintentionally tilting.

Conversion to zero-setback

To get a bike fit right, I had to convert this seatpost to zero set-back.  To do so, I cut the head off and just used the carbon post.  With bit of machining to the top of the now straight seatpost, I was able to use the cradle and mounting hardware from another seatpost I had lying around.  The carbon post with the head cut off it weighed 103g and is ovalised inside with thicker walls to the front and rear of the post.  The additional mounting hardware added another 40g.

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