Lightweight Handlebar Comparison

Here's some data I've collected on my search for a new set of lightweight handlbars:

ManufacturerWidthClamp diameter (mm)Rise (mm)Sweep (degrees)Weight (g)MaterialBar Ends?
Schmolke TLO56025.4070CarbonN
AX Lightness Hera56525.4078CarbonN
AX Lightness Poseidon62025.4585CarbonY
MT ZOOM Wide Ultimate Flat Bar64025.40697CarbonN
Extralite UltraBar UL56025.40498CarbonY
New Ultimate F580XC58031.8099CarbonY
MT ZOOM Wide Ultimate Flat Bar64025.406101CarbonY
Schmolke SL56025.40105CarbonY
Extralite UltraBar58025.404105CarbonY
MT ZOOM Wide Ultimate Flat Bar62031.806106CarbonN
FSA K-Force Light Nano K Flat60031.806109CarbonN
MT ZOOM Wide Ultimate Flat Bar62031.806110CarbonY
KCNC SC Bone MTB Flat Bar60025.405115Scandium T - 7451Y
Exotic Scandium56025.406115ScandiumY
FSA K-Force Flat60031.806120CarbonY
Syntace Duraflite Carbon58025.48129CarbonY
Extralite UltraPush Riser Bar60025.4156135CarbonY
FSA SL-K Flat62031.806136UD carbon and AL6066 materialY
Easton EC90 SL63531.8209139CarbonY
Syntace Duraflite Carbon60031.808146CarbonY
Syntace Duraflite Carbon63031.808158CarbonY
Origin 8 Pro-Pulsion Pro-Sweep66031.815166AL7075Y
Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 XC68031.8156172CarbonY
eXotic Carbon Matrix60031.805174Carbon wrap/AluY
Enve Sweep70031.809175CarbonY
Syntace Vector Lowrider Carbon66025.41312185CarbonY

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