How to change grips the easy way

Changing a set of grips should take less than 5 minutes and you shouldn't even break a sweat.

What you need

  • An air compressor and 'duster' attachment is essential to do a hassle free grip change.

Watch the video


  • Make sure the inside of your new grips and your handlebars are spotlessly clean when you put them on;
  • Don't use glue, detergent, alcohol, window cleaner or any other assorted crap underneath your grips. It may make them easier to get on, but it makes them a pain in the arse to change later on. Also, these things can make your grips move in the wet;
  • If you run bar ends, use them to 'jam' your grips on (just a little). The bar ends will act to hold the grips in the place;
  • If your grips move, the lock-wire them on. If you need to change grips or reposition them then its easy to just cut the wire and re-wire them in the new position. DO NOT use glue.

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